Legal Support


For Families and Legal Counsel

Assisting families and Legal Counsel to navigate Addiction & Alcoholism  with ongoing monitoring for Successful long term Recovery

Assistance with Experience

When addiction and alcoholism bring families and individuals face to face with legal troubles, I will be there to work in providing a solution for all.  The drug or the drink is just a symptom of underlying and unresolved issues that need to be appropriately addressed. Whether it be trauma, physical pain or mental health, I am here to help navigate the journey of treatment for all involved, while utilizing appropriate Professionals.

Goal Seeking

When working with families or individuals the Goal of Professional Counsel is to ensure the best legal outcome. When Addiction/Alcoholism are present, my #1 Goal is to screen, assess and address what led to why they have become your client in the first place.

The Process

When the attorney and family engage our services, it is a Process.  After the Initial Screening with your client, a Detailed Assessment will take place.  A Treatment Plan will then be presented for the best workable solution to provide lasting Recovery. Addiction has been compared to a “Contact Sport”. Everyone participates and our services are committed to have the “team” aka “The Family” as healthy as possible.

What does the process look like for all involved?

Pursuit of Recovery will work with the Courts and Provide the Following:

  1. Clinical Screening, Assessment, and Treatment Recommendation for Client
  2. Family System Therapy
  3. Work side by side with courts and fulfill the request of updates and progress including:
  4. Ongoing Assessment
    2. Drug/Alcohol random screenings
    3. Family Systems Summary

Provide resources for the family for their own Recovery.  Bi monthly Video  or face to face with families to work on codependency and enabling behaviors. Provide a schedule of local meetings and support groups including online support as well.

After the client has completed the Professional Recommended Treatment Plan, we will set up supervised random drug/alcohol screening to meet the request of the Courts.


I have known and worked in a professional capacity with Amy Cooper, the founder of Pursuit of Recovery for over decade. As trial attorney of the state of Florida for over 20 years we have seen numerous cases where individuals run into legal troubles from one simple mistake such as a Driving under the Influence or more serious offenses that are a result of multiple brushes with the law due to addiction. Amy Cooper is a proven team player with a legal team attempting to present mitigating factors regarding individuals charged with a crime to allow the court to consider the real individual facing charges and their efforts to get their life back on track.  Her services include identifying the type of help that is needed and preparing mitigation packages for the court’s consideration as well as the prosecutors involved. The collective effort and teamwork involved get results.

There are few rewards greater than observing a person’s life and family being restored as a result of the services such as those provided by ‘Pursuit of Recovery’.  If you are an attorney or law firm looking for ways to assist your clients and find solutions than we strongly encourage you to enlist the services provided by Pursuit of Recovery. Many times identifying, locating and providing the services necessary to help the client are simply outside of an attorney’s wheelhouse.   If you are an attorney or law firm looking for ways to assist your clients and find solutions then we strongly encourage you to enlist the services provided by Pursuit of Recovery to basically “Quarterback” your client’s recovery as well as be your ally in  court.

~Garrett T. Zediker, Esq.