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Pursuit- To Chase
Recovery-The Act, Process, Combat a Disorder

My name is Amy E. Cooper.  My journey over the past 25 plus years has given me the opportunity to provide guidance in working with those who struggle with addiction.  The challenges and opportunities I have experienced have expanded my level of gratitude. 

My personal belief is that Honesty and Faith in a Higher Power are 2 of the most important requirements to lifelong Recovery. Honesty begins with looking at who I see looking back in the mirror.  Faith in a power greater than myself keeps my Ego in check and reminds me to stay humble. 

Recovery is a lifestyle change. When we move a muscle, we change a thought.  That first “move” is scary and change is uncomfortable.  Whether you are the one struggling, or a family, a loved one, friend or a colleague, Pursuit of Recovery is here to help guide you in taking the first baby step towards a new Journey in Life! 

In the beginning we crawl, then we stand, we walk then for most we run!  In your pursuit (your chase) of Recovery, I want to be with you for those pivotal moments. I will help you PUSH through the pain, shame, and guilt of unresolved trauma or childhood chaos and confusion.  

I am here to help you pursue your OWN Recovery.  Your pursuit will be Re-Creating; Re-Inventing; Revamping; Re-Directing; Re-Searching; & Re-Routing to find and embrace YOUR RECOVERY.  

If after the initial assessment or at any time there is a need for a higher level of care, I will make sure that Professional Recommendations are available.   

Amy E. Cooper is a Board Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor accredited by International Certification & Reciprocity Board (IC & RC); Certified Addiction Counselor by The Florida Certification Board.

She holds a National Certification in Advanced Clinical Intervention (NCACIP) and is an International Master’s Addictions Coach(IMAC)  that envelopes Recovery, Food, and Gambling addiction along with Anger Management and Family Coaching Certification as well.  She is a member of NAADAC and is bonded and insured.